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Rechargeable Hookah Pen
Electronic Hookah Pen Battery

Vaporizer Batteries

The batteries in our electronic hookah, cigarette, dry herb and wax pens are Lithium-ion batteries. They provide the power needed to vaporize the liquid, dry herb or wax oil.
The resulting vapor is then inhaled by the user to simulate the sensation of smoking.
Rechargeable E Hookah Vaporizer Batteries
E Hookah Atomizers Clearomizers

Vaporizer Heating Elements

The vaporizer heating element, also called an 'atomizer', 'clearomizer' or 'cartomizer', is the part of your vaporizer that holds and heats your liquid, dry herb or wax.
The heating chambers in these atomizers do not last forever. There are many different types but generally most heating coils will need to be replaced every 3-6 weeks depending upon use.
The entire unit does not need to be replaced; only the heating coil inside of the atomizer. You will know it’s time to change when your vaporizer is providing a reduced vapor output, dull flavor, and/or a burnt taste.
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Electronic Cigarettes Vaporizer Heating Elements
Electronic Hookah E Liquid

Electronic Cigarette/Hookah Liquid "e liquid"

In order for the e cigarette / hookah to make vapor, the heating element must have a steady supply of e liquid.
This e liquid is available with different concentrations of nicotine to suit your needs:
1. Zero nicotine
2. 6mg nicotine (light)
3. 12mg nicotine (medium)
4. 18mg nicotine (strong)
5. 24mg nicotine (extra strong)
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E Cigarette E Liquid
E Hookah Vapor Flavors


This process of battery power + heating element + e liquid is how your e cigarette/hookah produces the vapor which is then inhaled.
No smoke, no tar, none of the thousands of toxic chemicals that traditional tobacco and cigarettes contain.
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